My name is Madeleine Valdez, also known as Leine, and I’ve been practicing art and design professionally for over four years. Though the greater majority of my current work is as a consultant or as a graphic designer, I began my commission work in traditional art, particularly oil painting. My artistic adventures were initially simple interests that grew into regularly practiced hobbies and eventually increasingly demanded skills. While my current priorities have shifted towards different goals in professional development, I am constantly returning to my sketchbooks and Adobe programs in order to express my passion for the aesthetically appealing.

I am currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying Political Economy. As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I draw my passions from different cultures, creative approaches to living, and innovative entrepreneurship. I am constantly trying to add more to my list of skills and pursue opportunities in creative problem solving.

Note: My preferred domain name (madeleine.com) was not available so I took the chance to switch around my name a little bit and proactively say that “leine made” this.